this link "zotero://open-pdf/... " is not working

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I am using the beta version (newest) of Zotero. I extracted annotations, but when I imported a link like "zotero://open-pdf/library/items/3YT77KXE?page=19&annotation=VEYZPR7W" on liber office or obsidian. This link is not active and not working. I'm on ubuntu 20.04
  • For Obsidian, you will need to disable the Setup > Editor > "Auto convert HTML" option in the Obsidian setup

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    Thank you @warguelles but it did not fixed
    I checked it, but it did not solve the problem. The link is created, books are loaded in obsidian, but the pdf did not open when I clicked the link. when I click a windows shows "No apps installed that can open "zotero://select/library/items ..." you can find more applications in software."
  • I go stable version and install with the deb file and fix this problem. when I click to link on embedded on obsidian. This opens pdf file but the page jumps. for instance, I linked to 222 but the Zotero open in 218. If I go to obsidian and again click to link that I mentioned then zotero opens in 222. it is undesirable. please check this and that @dstillman
  • Did you solve this problem, @surenazolfaghari ? I also encountered the same problem. After I add 'zotero://select/library/items/AX6E3JAK' in Microsoft word, click the link, it will open my edge browser, but it's just a blank page. If I insert the link '[test](zotero://select/library/items/AX6E3JAK)' in obsidian, click the link, it won't jump to zotero, and there is no prompt.
  • For future readers, I could open links like [pdf](zotero://open-pdf....) from Obsidian by deleting the zotero.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications and keeping the one in usr/share/applications (
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