Zotero: PDF reader

I like it, although it wasn't a priority for me. Thank you for going to so much trouble. Now you're going to get twice as many suggestions/bug reports.

Regarding View: PDFs open at View full width and Continuous. I'm used to Foxit Reader, which offers optional views: Single page, Continuous, Facing and Continuous facing. I can live without the Facing options but I miss Single page.

Foxit also offers optional text treatments: Highlight, Strikeout, Underline, and Squiggle underline. I don't often need alternatives, and Zotero offers simple alternative colours, but some time, when you've nothing to do, it might be nice ...

Foxit has recently had a heavyweight update which slows me down, so I look forward to using the Zotero reader.

  • @dstillman and team:

    I would very much appreciate an option for two page continuous view in the desktop version of the Zotero PDF reader. It makes a lot of sense on larger screens, while 'Page Mode Double' on the iPad results in too small font size to be usable for me.
  • How is that different from View → Odd Spreads?
  • This is it. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I was trying to achieve that via right mouse click, which doesn't display that option.

    I guess it would be helpful to have multiple paths towards the same functionality but this is definitely not a priority.

    Thank you so much for your work on Zotero and the ongoing support.

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