Do I need to change Zotfile with update

edited March 27, 2022
I just downloaded the recent update to 6.0 but but I do not get the option to extract annotations. Do I need to re-download zotfile?
  • With the old version I would highlight and it automatically created an annotation. Now if I want the text highlighted I have to highlight->click Add to note. Is this correct? Am I doing something wrong. If this is the case, that extra step makes a big difference.
  • See the page I linked to. There's an "Add Note from Annotations" option that's a direct replacement for ZotFile's "Extract Annotations" option.
  • Hi jasphoto - no, you don't have to add to a note. It's a bit hidden, but the highlight automatically creates an annotation - to see them, you need to click on the sidebar toggle at the top left of the menu bar. In the annotations view on the sidebar, you can see the annotations, search annotations, add tags and filter by tag.
  • Thank you for your answer. I'm trying to figure out a strategy because now there are two columns-- the annotation tab on the left and the notes tab on the right. Will the ones on the left automatically become the ones on the right? They both have the same commands.
  • No - the annotations don't automatically become notes, but it's easy to either add them as notes (just right-click or drag and drop into an existing note) or create a note from annotations (there's a button in the Note pane to automatically create either an item or standalone note from annotations). I found this a bit confusing at first too, but the way I think of it now is that annotations are just my highlights as I read through, then I use the Notes function to organise those annotations.

    So, for example, if I am writing a paper, I have standalone notes that have themes (the headings in the paper). As I read the material, I highlight, then 'add to' the appropriate note.

    If I just want to organise my thinking around that particular item, I drag and drop annotations into an item note as I go. I mostly use the Notes because, while the annotations support tagging, the tags are only really useable within the item at the moment (and it is faster to tag a single note than each annotation).

    Basically the best way to think of it now is that annotations are just the basis of your Notes, and the Notes are really like a base document for your research.
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