Add Item by Identifier - iPad

I can’t work out how to add a book to Zotero using the ISBN on my iPad. Is this functionality not available yet? Do I have to do this with a desktop computer and then sync over?

  • Not available on iOS yet. Available on desktop and web library.
  • Is this coming? It is really annoying to have to have the web and app versions open at the same time.
  • At some point, but you can also just save books to the iOS app using the Share button. E.g., for many books, saving from would be equivalent to saving using the ISBN in Add Item by Identifier.
  • Add by Identifier is now available in Zotero 1.0.4 for iOS. In addition to entering identifiers manually, on newer iOS devices you can use the camera to scan ISBNs and DOIs. If you have the book in front of you, you can also now scan the barcode.

    But again, you can also just save from the abstract/article page using the Share button in Safari, the same way you use the Zotero Connector on the desktop.
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