Some collections don't have a "download attachments" option in long-tap menu on iPad Zotero app

Most, but not all, of the collections listed in my library have a "download attachments" option in the long-tap menu. What is happening with those that don't? The menu options are just "edit", "new subcollection, "create bibliography from collection" and "delete". Interestingly, sub-collections still *can* have the "download attachments" option.

My best guess (annoying to confirm) is that this is because (a) this particular collection has no top-level items, only subcollections, and (b) the "download attachments" option does not act recursively on subcollections. This would be a bit unintuitive for users like me who have configured my settings so that all items in all subcollections are displayed in the list to the right. If this is what's happening, can I suggest a new option be added to long-tap menu?: "download attachments (including in all subcollections)".

This iPad Zotero app, v. 1.0.1 build 1, on iPadOS 14.8.1.
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