Feature request: context menu option to open PDF externally

Zotero 6.0 can open attached PDFs with an external reader by either changing global setting at Preferences>General, or individually by right-click>Show File and then opening using OS system defaults. https://www.zotero.org/support/pdf_reader#using_an_external_pdf_reader

Possible to add an 'open in system default reader' to the right-click context menu to save the extra clicks and extra file explorer window?
  • Zotero 6 is really great. 'Open in system default reader' facility would be really useful for a small but significant element of my workflow. Well done with the release!
  • I agree. An easier way to occasionally open a PDF in the system/external PDF reader is needed.
  • I agree too. It would be nice to have this flexibility.
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