Ctrl-F in Zotero 6 causes freeze

When searching within a note with Ctrl-F (rather than clicking on the search icon) Zotero freezes.
  • I have since found that pressing 'return' while typing in a note causes a freeze.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for it happening?

    A video would also be very helpful.
  • If I click Ctrl-F in a Note and start typing in the search bar, the typing does not appear, or only the first letter or two. Then I get a spinning blue wheel for a long time. Finally the screen grays out and says in the top L bar "(not responding)". There is no error code. I don't know how to video my screen activity.
  • Is the note very large? Does it happen with all notes?
  • Yes seems to be worse with long notes. Didn't have this with the earlier version of Zotero; I could do Ctrl-F in notes of any length and there would be no delay as I typed the search term. If it freezes and grays out (which it has been doing all day) I have to click X out of the Zotero program, and then it asks me if I want to close or wait. But only closing will do.
  • I don't know why typing a Return in a note is delayed and can also stall the program.
  • What is the configuration of your computer: RAM, CPU and operating system?

    Please provide a Debug ID as well.
  • Sorry, can only give you the make and model
    HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2
    Where will I find a Debug ID?
  • D1016636436
    it took a couple of tries in different notes, but I got the wheel the third time, although it didn't freeze completely just took a while
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    I am getting a complete freeze in a large standalone note but cannot submit a Debug report because of course I can't get back into Help to submit it, and have to close the program. I presume you can work within my library. The large standalone note is entitled "Yahoo group, rate travel, days to Sinai" and the search term I used was "eleven". This makes Zotero completely freeze for me.
  • Yes, sometimes pressing Ctrl-F jumps to the library search and if you type something it will start search in the library instead of the note (we will fix this soon).

    But it looks that freezing problem is not related to notes. How many items do you have in your library?
  • I have about 4800 items, but I don't know if that includes notes and pdfs. So I will try to not Ctrl-F but use the search icon instead?
  • I now have Zotero 6.0.20, yet any kind of search in a Note (whether Ctrl-F or using the Search icon) still causes Zotero to freeze. This has been going on for me for a long time.
  • Does this only happen in that one note, or can you reproduce it in a new, empty note with a few words in it?
  • ah I tried searching in a few different Notes and it freezes in the long ones, not the short ones. In fact, it 'pre-freezes', that is, it will not even show the first letter I type. Of course, the long Notes are the ones I need to do word-searches in, not the short ones where I can see all the text at once
  • Can you reproduce this in the web library?

    Regardless, what's the URL in the address bar when viewing one of the notes in question?
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