Setting up Zotero PDF reader's margins

Is there a way to add vertical margins to the UI? I've noticed a lot of commercial alternatives usually add an options ribbon or a stats bar in the bottom of their UI, this helps people with big screens to diminish vertical eye traveling when reading, however Zotero's new one is bare in that respect. Any ideas?
  • Not sure I understand the point of that. If you want to avoid vertical eye travel, you can scroll vertically at any time and just look at one part of the screen.
  • @dstillman as far as I was able to tweak with it Zotero doesn't scroll, it goes page by page
  • Are you talking about Zotero 6 or the iOS app? They both scroll.
  • @dstillman Zotero 6 doesn't, whenever I use the scroll wheel each tilt sends me one "position" down (that means 100% new content, not 60 or 80% new lines), that means I have to read from top to bottom to get everything
  • Or maybe I locked scroll button, let me check
  • Nope, its Zotero.
  • No, this is something on your computer. PDFs scroll line by line in Zotero on macOS, Windows, and Linux.
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