Bug in adding child note

When I add child note by either clicking 'add' button in the 'Notes' tab or selecting 'New note' -> 'Add child note', a child note is created but is not editable by clicking on it.
This forced me to create child note via 'New note' -> 'Add standalone note', editing the content, and then dragging it to the desired parent item in the middle list. Only then it is editable.
I'm not very sure about the timing, but I think didn't have this problem before the most recent update.
I use Zotero 2.0b7.4 on FF3.5.3 on Vista.
  • I am having this problem too. Very frustrating. My solution has been to expand the item in the middle pane and double-click the Untitled Note. ~ Initially, the behavior was varied: sometimes the note would be highlighted, sometimes editable, sometimes not. ~ Related, unless the item title is highlighted AND active in the middle pane, the child note cannot be created. In the previous version, you could contine adding notes without having to re-highlight the item title. ~ Mac, OS 10.5.8, Firefox 3.5.7
  • Because of another bug I reported this morning, I've been paying closer attention to what happens during synching. Apparently, the notes focus/edit-ability is also affected when Zotero is synching. When sync is inactive, then the notes are editable without workarounds. hmmm.
  • indilynx:
    I think you're correct. If you look at debug output, you'll see that Zotero can't switch libraries while syncing; this means that it can't change views as you'd expect. This explains some little annoyances involving search, related items, and notes. If you turn off automatic syncing and instead sync manually, this issue won't affect you as much, but it would be awfully nice if it could be fixed.
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    Reproduced and ticket created. It happens only while syncing. Thanks.
  • Various UI glitches during syncing should now be fixed in the latest dev build. If you're running a dev build, please test and let us know if you run into any problems.
  • Dan -
    I dont know if I have a dev build (i have the normal, "up to date" release of zotero) but i still have this bug: if auto-syncing is on, and i'm browsing a list of titles and click "add note", the list will reset and i'll have to scroll to my title and select the note - very annoying! if auto-sync is off, i can just click add and right away start typing...
  • Do you have 2.0.3? If you installed from addons.mozilla.org instead of zotero.org or you haven't auto-updated, you would still have 2.0.2.
  • ah, i have 2.0.2! and using the find updates through the firefox extension manager doesnt register an update...
  • Right, because you downloaded from addons.mozilla.org and 2.0.3 hasn't yet been approved there. Update from zotero.org.
  • OK, done, this fixed only one part of the bug; now i can click add note and start typing. However, it resets my search/tagging filter. For example i type in pirates in upper right magnifying glass. i get three entries. i select one and click add child note. the child note is added, the righthand zotero pane is the appropriate one, but the middle pane is now showing the whole library and has cleared my search term...
  • That's an unrelated issue, and that's always been the behavior. Start a new thread (or find a very specific existing one).
  • OK. thanks dan for your hard work.
  • I just encountered this problem running the latest beta (2.1b2). If I popup the HTML editor I can add text which will be saved into the body of the note. Sometimes I can edit the note - the problem seems intermittent.
  • jharman: The issues in this thread were fixed long ago. Start a new thread and explain the problem you're facing.
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