zotero web library incomplete

I have been mainly using the desktop version of Zotero and very sparsely checking the web library. I know see that there is an inconsistency between what is on my desktop and what is synced.

For example an entire folder's content of about 80 items, only has 10 on the web library. By expanding some of the subfolders on the weblibrary I can see that some of the articles are recovered but they do not appear in the parent folder.

I have full data syncing and no file syncing. Initially I thought that this means that I can have all the articles saved on the web library so that in the event of a catastrophic crash, I will lose any pdfs and notes/annotations, but at least I can still keep 'an image' of the library itself.

Is there a need to re-index or reset the library?

Many thanks!
  • If you have View → Show Items from Subcollections enabled, that's not currently supported in the web library.
  • ahhhh! you were spot on! Thanks @dstillman!
    Always a zotero wizard! I imagine I can rest assured about the total content of the library then!

    Many thanks!:)
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