Zotero 6 Bug (?): Incorrect Page Numbers in Annotations

Hello! Very excited about the new updates. One issue I am noticing is that when I create a note from annotations, the page numbers that are cited in the note are incorrect (e.g., note will say 'p.16' but it will really be p.9) though the link will take me to the correct spot in the pdf. Is this something that might be addressed at some point? Would be super helpful to be able to rely on the citations being correct. Thanks so much.
  • Maybe it helps you to know that you can change the page numbers of annotations; right click on an annotation in the sidebar and click "Edit page number".
  • You can send the PDF to support@zotero.org also including a link to this thread. We will investigate why it can't recognize the correct page number.
  • Thank you @martynas_b ! Have sent an email with a pdf example. Appreciate the help.

    @samvimes thanks for the info -- I didn't know it was possible to change them manually that way, which is helpful.
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