Formatting text in Notes

Thanks you for the update of Zotero. When I change format of a note entry to Heading 1, it disappears. What am I doing wrong?
  • Can you reproduce that in a new note?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for that happening?
  • 1. When I make a new note (not from annotations) the Heading formatter works fine. So it seems to happen only in a note created from annotations.
    2. D1758580952
  • 1. Produce a note from annotation on a pdf by "Add item note from Annotations."
    2. Click on a line of text that you want to change to Header 1, (I am using the first line under the annotations date line)
    3. Click on Header 1
    4. The line disappears. To fix I then drag that annotation across to the notes pane.
    5. Interesting: Clicking on BOLD format does not make the line disappear.
  • Ah, OK, so you're specifically changing an annotation paragraph. I can reproduce that.

    I'm not sure if it will be possible to preserve both the link back to the annotation and the citation item link in that case, but we'll see what we can do.

    Thanks for reporting.
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