Incorect in-text citations

When i use in-text citation MLA style (including only last name and year), for certain sources zotero inserts also the first name of the author. why does it happen? (it happens with the same source throughout the work).
I use zotero word plug in to add a citation. when I find the citation in the database, zotero plug in shows it correctly, at first (e.g. lastname year). However, when i press enter to add the citations to the word file, the citation adds the fiorst name (e.g. first name last name year).
If i manually delete the first name, the following citations and bibliography become probelmatic.
I use windows, Word, Zotrero 6.

Wy does it happen and how can i fix it?
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    To simplify, you have two or more records in your Zotero library by the same author but with different levels of completeness of their full name. Zotero "sees" these as different people and disambiguates the names in your citations. You should edit each Zotero record to assure that every item by an author has the author's name exactly the same. Ideally, the most complete name should be entered for each record. "But shouldn't I use the name exactly the same as it is presented on the publication?," you might ask. No, at least 2 of the major style guides say that author names should be
    the same form, preferably the fuller one, should be used in all references to that author. To assist alphabetization, middle initials or names should be given wherever known”. [¶14.72]

    There are similar requirements with other citation styles. (See: APA Guideline 6.27.)
    Actually, I think that my APA and Chicago guideline numbers may be from the previous versions of each but the current versions have similar mandates.

    edit: Do not unify author names such as Christine M. Branche and Christine M. Branche-Dorsey. Even though you know that these are the same person, the convention seems to be to list this person with the different surnames.
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