Erratic behaviour when editing annotations' comments in the internal PDF editor

I'm using 6.0.2-beta.4+cc5e1106e under Windows 10. Whenever I edit a comment for a highlighted annotation in the internal PDF editor, every 5-25 keystrokes (I was able to detect no pattern; however, I have to actually type for this to occur, waiting is not enough) the following happens:
1) the cursor moves to the beginning of the comment;
2) a part of what I just typed is deleted;
3) sometimes after about 2 seconds the part that disappeared comes back (however, the cursor stays at the beginning of the comment).

As I wrote, I'm unable to detect any pattern. I'm unable to trigger this by repeating a single letter. Using a space is not necessary. I'm always hearing the hard disk operate whenever the phenomenon occurs.

What could be the reason for this?
  • We're working on this.
  • Thank you very much. I honestly thought I must've been hitting some weird keyboard shortcut :-)
  • As far as I understand this is reported as fixed in 6.0.3. Unfortunately, it is still happening in my case, in 6.0.4-beta.2+17d9f06b6 .
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for it happening?
  • Here you go: D1943743959

    (I first edited an annotation and everything went OK. However, I then created a new note, and the problem occurred almost immediately.)
  • Unfortunately, this is still happening in 6.0.8-beta.4+1e3959020. New Debug ID: D313206535
  • Just happened in 6.0.9-beta.3+d12f3eda6. Debug ID D1065203987
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