Problems with columns after upgrade to Zotero 6.0 and successors

Since the upgrade to Zotero 6.0 and successors I have noticed a number of problems with the columns as available for display in the middle panel of the standard vertical display.

Initially, I was unable to remove the 'Date Added' column, which I use intermittently, as it didn't appear in the list of available columns. This was solved by removing all but the 'Title' column from the display and re-selecting other columns, at which point 'Date Added' became re-available for selection, but at the expense of 'Date Modified' which disappeared (it remains available for secondary sorting, however).

Is there anything I can do to fix things myself?

Also, and not specifically 6.0-upgrade related, is the list of field available for display and secondary sort customizable at all? There are times when some non-standard functionality would be useful. For example, sorting boot-chapters from an edited volume by page number. Also, 'Series' appears neither as a column for display and primary sort nor for secondary sort.

I accept that making all fields available by default for display as well as secondary sort might be overkill but some flexibility would be welcome.

Many thanks
  • Can you right click the columns to open the column picker menu then submit a Report ID?
  • Here it is - just after re-starting Zotero.

    Report ID is 2101460563

  • Should be fixed in Zotero 6.0.3, available now via Help → Check for Updates.
  • Just upgraded to 6.0.3.

    The 'Date Modified' column is now visible again, so the problem does indeed appear to be fixed.

    Many thanks for this!
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