Suggestion: "Add Note" button should allow single note creation, then exit that mode.

In the PDF viewer on Zotero desktop, one can add notes (i.e., PDF comments, indicated with sticky note icons) by clicking on the "Add Note" button on the 4-button mark-up toolbar at the top of the viewer. Currently, if you click somewhere in the page, you create a note, and if you then click somewhere else on the page you create a *second* note (and so on for additional clicks). This is true whether you type something into the first note or not.

I found this surprising and slightly annoying behavior as a user, because I expected that, after creating the note and typing some text, clicking on the page would take me out of the note-typing interface and back to regular reading. I basically never need to create notes in rapid succession where needing to click the "Add Note" button each time would be burdensome. In other words, I expected that clicking the "Add Note" button would allow me to create a single note rather than putting me in a steady "Add Note mode" (until un-selecting the "Add Note" button).

I realize that there may be consistency issues with the "Highlight Text" button, since that one at least would plausibly put you in a mode you'd want to say in to highlight several pieces of text in a row.
  • It occurs to me that an alternative way to address this issue is to change the appearance of the cursor to make it clear, when in "Add Note mode", that clicking will add a note. This could be by adding a tiny note-shaped icon to the cursor. This would remind the user that they need to turn off "Add Note mode" before, e.g., trying to copy text by selecting it with their cursor.
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