Errors when Upgrading file from 1.0

I have the newest versions of FF, Zotero, OOo all installed and I am unable to refresh my file. I tried to create an error log but it doesn't appear to have anything added to it.

I get a laundry list of errors and then a popup telling me "fieldcode is Null".

How can I fix the file without redoing it?
  • It appears that removing the field codes and then "undoing" this action makes the document refreshable. Can anyone confirm?
  • I encountered exactly the same bug while upgrading to FF 2.0b7 and Open Office 3.0a5 plugins. I am using Firefox 3.52 and Open Office 3.1.1 on a 32bit Windows 7 machine.

    I did what you suggested and it seems to work (cross my fingers).

    I started the upgrade process because Open Office just stopped working with the old 1.0 version. I wasn't very confident to do this as my work contains well over hundred citations...
  • If you send a document (or document excerpt) that produces this error to, with a link to this thread, we'll take a look. A Report ID would also be helpful.
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