where are images in notes stored in Zotero 6?

Hi everyone,

This is potentially a very simple question and I apologise as I am still learning to use Zotero.

I often click and drag images into my Zotero notes, sometimes they are variants of figure that already exist in an article but I tend to add more details or rearrange them in some fashion.

I have also recently started looking into Obsidian and how to export those notes in .md format and although every Zotero-related link works beautifully, images that I have either attached or click and dragged into my notes are nowhere to be found.

Would you be able to help with how to accommodate that? I am not sure where images are stored when dragged and even if I attach an image directly to a file it is still not 'visible' to the markdown export.

Many thanks!

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    They're stored on disk within the Zotero data directory.

    They're not currently included in Markdown export, because it's not straightforward how it should be done — including the image from the file path on disk wouldn't work on another computer, and encoding as a data URI in the Markdown would result in a massive file that would only work if a given editor supported rendering those. But we'll likely offer some sort of option eventually.
  • @dstillman Ah, that makes a bit more sense.
    I guess it won't be the end of the world if i also had a separate folder where those images are stored. :)

    Many thanks for the clarification!

  • @dstillman Maybe we can specify a folder to store pictures, specify citekey+page+tags as the file name to keep uri short and readable, and maintain the same file structure to ensure the readability of markdown files on different computers.
  • @Bebetter @dstillman

    That would be a nice way to implement it but not sure how feasible it can be! :D
  • Obsidian Zotero Desktop connector has a setup to export images cropped from PDFs via "select area" in regular PDF readers into Obsidian. It may be useful to create a version of that setup in Zotero.
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