How to show all items cited by notes?

Is there any way to show all items (not annotations of PDF) cited by a standalone note in the central panel?

Maybe 'Run JavaScript' could achieve it, but I have no ideal how to do.

Could someone help? Thanks a lot!
  • No, though a roundabout way would be 1) using Add Note to add the note to a word processor and then using 2) Reference Extractor to select the items.

    Can you say more about why you want this?
  • @dstillman When I write paper, I like to make a summary in the note for every possible reference as a draft while reading. Then I will choose the most appropriate references by reviewing each of them to ''assemble" the final paper. (By the way, this is the reason why so many researchers ask for "merge citations" feature of zotero plugin of word [here]( We get used to draft separately and merge contents then.)

    I know I can click on each citation in the note and "show item" , but it is disturbing especially when the citation contains more than one items.

    I noticed that the item selector always shows "cited" items on the top when I try to insert new items to the note. So I reasonably guess Zotero does know all items have cited by the note. If true, is it possible to easily get their ids and show them in the central panel?

    Reference Extractor does solve part of the problem.

    Thanks for helping again!
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