Selectively download snapshots?

Dear Zotero community,

Is it possible to have Zotero download a snapshot only if certain conditions are met?

For example, could I set up something like "only download if Item Type = Webpage," or "download except when Item Type = Journal Article"?

Or even more complex logic, like "download snapshot, except if ( (Item Type = Journal Article) AND (pdf of article successfully downloaded) )?

Many thanks, and my apologies if this has already been covered - I was not able to find an answer with some searching.

  • No. The only thing you can do to customize Snapshot behavior is to right-click on the Save to Zotero icon --> Save to Zotero and then Save Webpage (with Snapshot) or (without Snapshot)
  • Thank you @adamsmith , that is a useful option.

    (And it looks as though the defaults have changed since I started using Zotero such that my question is no longer so relevant.)

  • For what it's worth, we're probably still saving more Snapshots that is always warranted on otherwise supported pages (i.e. where we're saving a PDF already).
    If you see such cases, let us know (by posting here with the URL) and we'll see if we agree and in that case remove the Snapshot.
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