Zotero blocking use of other citation managers

Unfortunately, I need to use both Zotero and Endnote. Until very recently, when I clicked on a "cite" button at a journal website, a dialogue box popped up allowing me to choose which software to use for that reference. In the last two weeks, that choice has disappeared. I'm not sure why and don't know how to recover the option to choose the relevant software.
Any suggestions?
  • That's just a setting in your web browser. Check the application/file handling settings.
  • Right-click on the Save to Zotero icon --> Preferences and uncheck "Import BibTeX/RIS/Refer files into Zotero" at the bottom of the General tab.
    If that doesn't do it, you'd also want to check the file associations of your browser, but normally switching this off is sufficient.
  • If it was asking which software to use, it wasn't from Zotero, though.
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