Missing menu in notes viewer


Is there any chance of returning the little tabs for the entry to the view of a note? What I mean is this: in Z5, when I was working on a note for a particular entry, there was at the top a little bar of tabs: Info, Notes, Tags, Related. That's still there in each of the tabs themselves, but once you go into a note, it's replaced by the editor bar. I found it really convenient to have there (e.g. if in writing the note, I had to go into another collection to look something up-- I could get back to the info for the note I was working on really quickly, without having to switch back to the present collection and re-find the entry and click on it).

  • Unless I'm misunderstanding you, you're just misremembering this. When viewing a note in the right-hand pane, there were never tabs above it. The tabs are only shown when a parent item is selected.

    But if a note is shown in the right-hand pane, it means the note is selected in the middle pane, in which case the parent item is also directly above it.
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