Rename does not move in Zotero 6 the way Zotfile did

The Zotfile I have been using had a rename and move option for attachments, that is now replaced with a 'rename from metadata' in zotero 6. I cannot see the option to move the attachment from the download folder to the Zoteo base directory (which I keep online i dropbox).
I have lost my zotfile extension (in an attempt to re-install it) and now I cannot install zotfile because it is 'incompatible with this version of Zotero'.
Do I have to manually move the file to the base directory before linking to it from Zotero ?
  • No, this is a misunderstanding. Zotero has always renamed saved files based on parent metadata, and it has only ever created stored files by default. Automatically creating linked files was and remains a ZotFile feature. The current version of ZotFile is fully compatible with Zotero 6.
  • Thanks,
    the verion I just downloaded : zotfile-5.0.16-fx.xpi does not want to install - the 'Install Add-on From File- gives the error 'The add-on "ZotFile" could not be installed. It may be incompatible with this version of Zotero.
    what could be the problem ?
  • That's not the current version of ZotFile — I don't know why you have that one. The current version is 5.1.0.
  • Thanks - that version does work, I don't know why I was installing an old one.
    I am REALLY grateful for the rapid help
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