How to automatically move tabs to new windows when opening new items ?

I run zotero 6 on macOS, and I have to move the tab by hand everytime I open a new item.

  • As I say there, you can Shift-double-click to open PDFs in new windows.

    We can consider an option to open PDFs in new windows by default, though I believe you're the first to request that.
  • but by this way all the new tab is not in the same new page, but separated into many pages. I hope that even with the built-in pdf reader, the experience will still be the same as before with Adobe, with all documents open in a new window and zotero in a separate window.
  • Shift-double-click to open PDFs in new windows.
    its too many windows! I just want to open all item in the same window (PDF reader), which different from zotero.
  • We're planning to add additional support for using multiple windows, including combining PDF tabs in separate windows, in a future version.
  • thanks, it will be cool!!!
  • I'd also like new window by default, so maybe a toggle in the preferences?
  • Also voting for default-to-new window :)

    Holding shift functions correctly but doesn't support the speed I work at and I forget all the time✌️
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