Automatically create link to current page and visit it on double click?

I want to give up traditonal bookmarks altogether and use Zotero for everything. This is slightly inconvenient as, as far as i can tell, after I "create item from current page" I have to also add a link to the current page and place it above the automatically creatde snapshot so I can visit it by double-clicking on the page. Is there a simple way around this, perhaps with some hidden settings, to make the 'create item from current page' function more like a 'bookmark this page' with the added zotero functionality?
  • You don't need an attached link. If there's no snapshot, just double-click the item or click the View button. If there's a snapshot, click the "URL" label in the right-hand pane.

    You can also either change the snapshot pref in the prefs or use Shift when clicking Create New Item from Current Page to temporarily toggle it.
  • I might just disable snapshots for now then, but I was hoping to have snapshots created automatically, but have double-clicking take me to the actual page, without extra steps..
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    Then just click on the "URL" label. There may be an option to have double-click/View go to either live site or snapshot in the future.
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