Is it possible to define new terms in citation style?

The comments in CSL schema encourage adding new terms instead of using <text value="..."> or prefix="...". However, if I do it, e.g.

<locale xml:lang="en">
<term name="US-patent-number">U.S. Patent No.</term>

than the style fails to validate (and the style is marked as invalid in style repository - ). So the question is can one define new terms inside the style, or it can only be done by extending the schema itself?
  • no, not possible.
    You can do the above with text-value, you can even do it with prefix/suffix - seems straightforward enough. The cool thing about terms is that they can distinguish between multiple and single and take different forms - if you don't need that anyway and if a term is not going to have a translation any other way is fine, too.
  • Thanks for clarification.
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