Openoffice integration: reference sorting goes haywire.

I've reported this issue before but mis-represented it as having to do with the upgrade to the 2.0 beta and the 2.0 beta OOo integration. Neither of these is the case.

The same issue also occurs with a clean new install of the 1.0 OOo integration (Linux Ubuntu 8.04, 2.4): Using the APA citation style, the reference sorting of newspaper articles now follows the order of first appearance in the text copy rather than chronological sorting according to publication date. Year suffix disambiguation often starts getting applied only after the first reference in a given year has gone without it. Here's some typical reference list output, simplified to show the relevant parts only:

Bates, S. (2009, October 14)
Bates, S. (2008, April 2)
Bates, S. (2009a, October 10)
Bates, S. (2009b, October 24)

The error log ID is: 1377922373
  • Using APA citation style under Ubuntu 9.04, Firefox 3.0.1, 3.0.14, Zotero 1.0.10, OOo-Plugin-1.0b4, I get the following nonsensical reference sorting:

    Bates, S. (2009, October 14)
    Bates, S. (2008a, May 5)
    Bates, S. (2008b, April 2)
    Bates, S. (2009, October 10)

    The error log only has a couple of instances of this:

    [JavaScript Error:"this.docShell is null" {file:chrome://global/content/bindings/browser.xml" line:0}]
  • For what it's worth, I'm getting the same result using Microsoft Vista Business Edition, Firefox 3.0.14, OpenOffice 3.1, Zotero 1.0.10, OOo-Plugin-1.0b4:

    Bates, S. (2009, October 24)
    Bates, S. (2008a, May 5)
    Bates, S. (2008b, April 2)
    Bates, S. (2009, October 14)
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    I've just reproduced the same issue under Windows XP SP2, Firefox, 3.1.1, Zotero 1.0.10, OOo-Plugin 1.0b4: I enter four newspaper articles into a new Zotero database, by the same author, from two years, four different dates, then cite these articles randomly in a new OOo document using APA style. The result is the same: Zotero sorts the references list not chronologically by publication date but in order of occurrence in the document's text. This time, Zotero attempted to add year suffix disambiguation after the first two or three citations, but gave up on this convention after the fourth:

    Smith, J. (2009, November 5)
    Smith, J. (2008, February 19)
    Smith, J. (2009, November 4)
    Smith, J. (2008, August 27)

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
  • I'm also getting the same under Windows XP SP2, Firefox 3.5.5, 3.1.1, Zotero 2.0b7.4, OpenOffice Integration 3.0a5:

    Smith, J. (2008, February 19)
    Smith, J. (2009a, November 5)
    Smith, J. (2009b, November 4)
    Smith, J. (2008, August 27)
  • Database integrity check: "No errors were found in the database."
  • I think we might have found the problem and mglueck has proposed a patch:
    you can patch yourself (make sure to back up your csl.js) or wait for the next Zotero update
  • Great, thanks!
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