Keyboard navigation of record fields

Currently the keyboard navigation for switching between fields isn't ideal. You can tab between fields and enter records, but you can only enter one author. To add additional authors or change author type (e.g. to editor) you have to use the mouse, and the buttons are quite small and fiddly. I think the option for all keyboard should be there.

In addition, when I go back to change a record, I have problems tabbing/shift-tabbing between fields, it exits the field tab cycle and tabs into the address field of firefox. When creating record from scratch, tab order works ok though (except for author bit mentione above).
  • Let me add my voice to this request. I would appreciate more options for keyboard navigation. For example:

    1- A shortcut key for adding the note to the current citation (The current shortcut adds a standalone note. Most of my notes are linked to citations -- so to add a new note I have to scroll up the list of notes to the citation itself, right-click, scroll down to "add note", click. Repeat for next note.).
    2- A shortcut key to move to the tag field after I've entered text for a note. (Currently, I have to use the mouse).
    3- Shortcut to add snapshot of the page to the citation.
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    I also wish to support enthusiastically all efforts to provide keyboard shortcuts for all functions in zotero. The one I need right now (if it is already in place I would be glad to know).. is where I use the tab arrow to get into the list of entries (middle column of zotero window), use the down arrow to select a record, and enter to expand any with a 'plus' sign. My problem comes next: when I use the downward arrow again to select one of the subitems, and arrive at the desired subitem (which is selected - blue), I click 'enter' expecting to open the link/file (in this case a pdf stored in zotero). Nothing happens. I've tried enter, control-enter, etc and nothing opens it. Until (of course!) I have to suffer the indignity of lifting my hand off the keyboard and double-click with the mouse.

    I have just found the solution, but will leave the above as useability feedback. Pressing tab once more focusses the 'view file' button, which can then be pressed with enter, bringing up/opening the document/link. However, on my system, there is NO graphical indication of focus (usually a dotted outline), which is my excuse for missing this at first. Could this be included? Btw I use firefox on Ubuntu Linux.

    Zotero will change my life. Thank you for all your hard work.

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    You can now add additional authors with Shift-Return in 1.0.0rc2. Shift-Return also saves the Abstract and Extra fields (since Return alone adds a newline).

    We'll improve keyboard support further in future releases. Thanks for the suggestions.
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