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I often have many PDFs open—and I'm sure I'm not the only one. In apple preview, it is easy to view a list of open PDFs under "Window". Is it possible to add this feature to Zotero? The series of small tabs for each open PDF is not very helpful. Thanks.
  • The many open PDFs is also becoming a problem for me too, and this could be useful. It is helpful that if you hover over the tabs, you get to see a full title - author - year of the item without changing tabs, and that's already quite useful.
  • Well, Preview displays them in the Window menu because they're windows — that works in Zotero as well if you open PDFs in separate windows (with Shift-double-click).

    For tabs, we can probably do something like the down-arrow tab menu that appears at the right edge of the tab bar in Firefox and Chrome.
  • This is a great concept for usability.
    Maybe could it be another switch in the Preferences?
    Default Position for Open PDF== {new tab | new window} ?
  • Well, Preview displays them in the Windows menu even when they are opened as tabs.

    Hopefully this is possible. A down-arrow tab menu would work, too.
  • Is it possible to implement a 'down-arrow tab menu' to rectify the issue?
  • Is this possible? It would be a useful feature.
  • Yes, it's planned, but no ETA.
  • +1 even though it's planned
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