Zotero 6: indent note paras

Is there an option to indent the note paras as before?
  • Not currently, but you can indent lists with Tab/Shift-Tab, and that's a more standard approach to nested indenting.

    If you'd like to indent paragraphs, say a bit more about what you want that for.
  • The Tab does not function within the note for me.
    Citations with indented paras should be accurately represented as such in notes which are then printed and filed.
    I really appreciated the option to indent in the last version. In Word and LibreOffice there's an 'increase indent' option where the sentences are selected. It would be convenient if that was also available in v 6 of Zotero for notes as it was in v 5.
    If there's a way to activate the Tab in a note for a Mac then please let me know.

  • Note that tab works for nested *lists*. So you have to have a bulleted list to start with, then you can tab/shift-tab to increase/decrease indent level.
  • The tab on my machine doesn't do anything with lists. In any case, I am not working with bulleted lists, only indented paras.
    But I noticed that online the 'increase indent' still exists, and that updates to the desktop when synced.
    Also, the highlighting is nicer online, which also syncs to desktop.
  • Unfortunately, I can't find the 'generate report from item' online, but since it updates to desktop, no issues.
  • Tabbing [indent para] is now working within the note.
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