optional packages during the install is required

it is better that some functions could be choosen to be installed or not during the installation, such as the language, the pdf reader, extensions, etc.

let the users decide if the pdf reader or other functions are necessary, BUT not by default all are installed. zotero is not fast enough!
  • maybe by adding options to those functions will help to make zotero light-weight and fast
  • for me, i like using a third-party pdf reader to read pdf documents. as for zotero, i would use it only to gather references and organize references in a 'paper', the 'pure' the better
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    Everything you've listed is already customizable within Zotero itself. These things don't have anything to do with general performance.
  • ????????????????????
  • so you are trying to keep users slient???

    if you have the "normal" customed function, why do not you provide more information how this can be done during the install???

    really stupid and low to block comments!
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    You were placed in moderation for continuing to create duplicate threads for this issue, which is a violation of the forum guidelines.

    The entire premise here is just mistaken. As I say, everything you listed can be configured in Zotero already. If you don't want to use the built-in PDF reader, turn it off. If you want to use a different language from the auto-detected one, change it. You only have plugins that you install yourself. These things (with the possible exception of badly behaved plugins that you install) have no effect on general performance, and there's no reason any of them would have to be configured during installation. It's not going to happen, so you can stop asking about it.
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