storage full, can't sync

1. What can I do when my storage is full and I'm unable to sync (1999.2 of 2GB)? I don't want to go up to the next storage tier and would like to store my files on my laptop.
2. How do I move the snapshots/files/attachments/pdfs from the zotero server to my laptop?
3. I use zotfile, if that is relevant.
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    You can't selectively sync specific files.

    But you can of course just delete attachments you don't need, empty the trash, and sync.

    And, to be clear, if you don't care about having files online or on other computers, you don't need to sync files at all.
  • I am not wanting to selectively sync specific files. I just want move all the attachment files, that are taking up the 2GB, to my laptop. I had emptied the trash (not much in it) before the 2GB became full. I have about 20GB of zotero files on my laptop and the items have the pdfs inside the folders e.g. 2BI2BDRT. So what is taking up the 2GB space in my account? I have looked at the forum and help files but can't get my head around it. I would like to be able to go back to my 300MB free or at least stay within the 2GB I have currently. Your help is much appreciated.

    Ahh, just saw your last paragraph Sothat means just unchecking the box under Preferences>General>File syncing>Sync attachment files in My Library. Yes?

    Great, but then what do I do about the files in the 2GB on Zotero?
  • You can use Purge Files in My Library from your storage settings online.
  • Just so I understand, if I purge my files than I won't lose any files as they are copies of what is already on my hard drive?
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