New style for SPIE journals

I have just submitted a new style for SPIE journals.

This society publishes two online-only journals (Journal of Nanophotonics, Journal of Applied Remote Sensing), for which detailed requirements for references are available: . The other four journals (Journal of Electronic Imaging, Journal of Biomedical Optics, Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS, Optical Engineering) are typeset by the publisher, so the requirements for the references are much less detailed: . At least they do not contradict with the first one, except that the latter do not mention DOI, and the former requires it, if available. But I believe that DOIwill not cause any harm, so one style (with DOI) can be used for all SPIE journals.

Therefore, I have created one general style:
and 6 dependent styles for each journal:

There are some minor problems that, I believe, are caused by current lack of functionality in CSL and/or Zotero.
1) Private (personal) communications are supported weirdly using 'interview' item type, with 'private communication' typed into 'medium' field, and author affiliation - into 'extra'.
2) Date ranges are not supported e.g. for conference dates. That is needed for papers presented at the conferences, when there are no published proceedings.
3) All patents are assumed U.S. I have no idea how to cite patents of other countries.
4) Chapter number is not supported for book chapters (papers in proceedings). When available, it should look like ..."Title", Chap. # in <i>Book Title</i>... according to style guide to newly announced journal SPIE Reviews ( ).

Feedback is welcome.
  • in the repository, all styles above will have a /dev attached - the above links might not work without it - not sure.

    I agree, the four issues you bring up are currently not solvable in Zotero.
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