Default PDF view mode and color preset in Zotero 6

Hello, all

I'm very excited to get hands on the new Zotero 6. However, since I'm using a large desktop screen to read PDF, I'd prefer to use the two-page view (which is located as "View -> Odd/Even spreads") in the Zotero PDF viewer.

Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere to set the two-page view mode as preset. Is there anything I'm missing? Or can the dear developers add it as a new feature in next version?

The same problem also happens to the color preset. I've been using colors other than yellow as my highlight annotation. So I'd like Zotero to remember my last time setting such that I don't have to go over them every time I open a PDF.

  • I would second this feature request to be able to set a default PDF page view as two-page spread, or at least to have the setting accessible via keyboard shortcut. (I am used to Mac Preview app, where CMD-1, CMD-2, CMD-3 cycles through page views.)
  • I also want to second the feature request to set default PDF page view to odd-spread. It gets annoying needing to set this option every time I open a new PDF. Thanks devs! :)
  • I would also appreciate a way to set the default view.
  • @dstillman Is there a way to set "Odd Spreads" as default in the Zotero PDF viewer? It is a bit cumbersome to change it for every PDF.
  • I would absolutely LOVE to have a option to set a default view in the PDF reader. Zotero is amazing and my workflow for research is *chef's kiss* ... with the one exception that I must navigate the view menu every time I open a new PDF to adjust the settings to my preferences (Horizontal Scrolling, Automatically Resize - if anyone is wondering).
  • Guys if you are using macOS, here's a workaround regarding the spread mode.

    Goto system preferences->keyboard->shortkey/hotkey blah blah->app shortkey->click +->select Zotero->type "View->Odd Spreads"->bind a shortkey. And enjoy yourself~~

    Sometimes your defined shortkey would have conflict with existings. In this case you will have to change it to another and they would all work!!!
  • However it would be a great idea to let users decide which annotation color is for default. in this case i dont have to change them every time, which is JUST SO ANNOYING
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    I would also appreciate an improvement. As I'm using a widescreen monitor, every time I open a pdf, a huge half page filling the screen would come out and I always need to zoom out.

    Edit: I just discovered in the latest version that pdf can already be shown in a double-page style. It's under the "View" menu. Thanks for the developers!
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