Style Request: [Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition]

Journal:Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Journal author guidelines:

Print ISSN: 1040-8398
Online ISSN: 1549-7852

In-text citation:
One author: Smith (2018) or (Smith 2018)
Two authors: Smith and Jones (2018) or (Smith and Jones 2018)
Three authors: Smith, Jones, and Johnson (2018) or (Smith, Jones, and Johnson 2018)
Four or more authors: Smith et al. (2018) or (Smith et al. 2018)

1.Abdullah, S., R. C. Pradhan, M. Aflah, and S. Mishra. 2020. Efficiency of tannase enzyme for degradation of tannin from cashew apple juice: Modeling and optimization of process using artificial neural network and response surface methodology. Journal of Food Process Engineering 43 (10):e13499. doi: 10.1111/jfpe.13499.
2.Carr, J. 2014. An introduction to genetic algorithms. Senior Project 1(40):7.
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