Overlapping/contiguous annotations in PDFs

Very excited about Zotero 6!

Suppose you read the phrase "the cat in the hat". You first highlight "the cat" because it seems important that we're talking about felines. But then you get to the end of the sentence and realize that this cat's sartorial tendencies are clearly also important, so you highlight "in the hat". This will lead to two separate annotations (e.g., "the cat" (Seuss, p. 1) and " in the hat" (Seuss, p. 1)) even if you highlight the space in between the two segments.

If you go back and highlight between the two annotations (e.g., highlighting "the cat" and then "in the hat" and then "cat in") in an attempt to link them up, you will get three separate annotations.

I would like to have overlapping or contiguous (i.e., directly adjacent or separated only by spaces) highlights should be merged into a single longer annotation. I frequently make such highlights in the course of reading. Is there any way of achieving this? Thanks.

Also, as I was making this post I noticed that, (at least on mac), it doesn't seem to be possible to use the undo command to undo highlights.
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    Completely agree that highlight merge for similar colors would be great. it's one of the reasons I love PDFExpert so much is its super easy to use on iPad and macOS. highlighting on Zotero for iPad, and even computer is still a bit clunkier.

    Not sure if related but it might have been purposefully excluded: https://github.com/zotero/zotero-ios/issues/253
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