annotation extraction by color

the new Zotero 6 is exciting.
what i miss is good old extraction of annotations "by color" which Zotfile provided:
"Green annotations" was a note containing all the passages highlighted in green, Yellow annotations for passages highlighted in yellow and so on.
it is a matter of structured annotations: in green what i judge 'good', in yellow what i judge doubtful, in red what i judge wrong. otherwise the availability of colors for highlighting is just an aesthetical option.

i also miss that in the previous version the short reference at the end of an extracted passage was a hyperlink to the passage in the source, which worked also when the note was copied in word: clicking on it in word you were brought to the passage in the source text. now no more, the reference is plain 'dead' text.

thank you for what you did with this release.
the questions/requests for feature above arise from daily use of a tool which i can no more live without
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