Can't update from v6.beta

I'm currently running the latest Zotero 6 beta. I've tried invoking the automatic updater, but it does not update to the official release. What am I missing?
  • To revert to the official release from the beta channel you install the stable version over the beta. Automatic updates always use the current channel, i.e. beta for you until you have reverted
  • edited March 18, 2022
    If you donwload the installer and run it, it will be smart enough to write over your beta version.

    One mini comment: make sure that you unpin Zotero if you have it on your taskbar, as when I updated it today, the image link is broken and cannot unpin it anymore.

    It is possible that it will disappear after I restart the PC, but have not done that yet. Will update when I do.

    EDIT: the broken shortcut from taskbar does indeed disappear after reboot. All is well :)
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