6 in teams

Exciting to see v6 out! Congratulations on all the work.

Can we have some guidance on upgrading in team settings? Are the databases compatible? What if some members of groups update and others would not?

Are there any transitions procedures or documents to read?

Something to look out for?
  • The short version is that you can just have people upgrade as they want. I have been running the beta in a team that is all on the regular release for months now.
    The databases are *sync* compatible, yes (6 does include a DB update, so the actual database isn't compatible). People on 5 won't see some of the new note and annotation features, obviously, but they also won't break them.
  • Thanks. Updated.

    Are all plugins working?
  • Zotero Preview does not. :(
  • Yeah, that likely won't get updated. Most work and most don't require much in terms of updates but if they are basically unmaintained, they won't work
  • Actually Zotero Preview has been updated and works OK now. https://github.com/dcartertod/zotero-plugins
  • Sorry, I was thinking quick look. I have had preview running in 6 while it was still beta
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