failed RDF import into zotero if the & character is included in the note

Zotero gives an error on RDF import--"Alert: no translators could be found"--if the & character is in the note, but the import works fine when the character is taken out.
  • another one: zotero exports "type" for "thesis" fine in RDF (i.e. "Ph.D. diss.") but leaves the field blank when I try to import the record back into Zotero.
  • RDF export of presentation does not specify the type of source and as a result Zotero imports presentations as Books (and loses some fields in the process)
  • Thanks for these helpful comments--we'll look into these issues.
  • Re: ampersands, since RDF is XML, certain characters needs to be specified as entities: &, <, >, " and ' need to become &amp;, &lt;, &gt;, &quot; and &apos;, respectively. The "no translators could be found" issue is from the Mozilla XML parser choking on the input file.
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