Transitioning from linked attachments to Zotero storage

Hi Team,

As the title suggests, I am going to be moving from linked attachments to storing attachments on the Zotero server.

Is there a special process to do this? I.e., is it as simple as:

1. Upgrading,
2. Logging in,
3. Removing the linked attachment settings, and then
4. Checking the Zotero storage option?

I just ant to make sure I don't delete any docs/annotations etc.
  • You are missing a step after 2. (technically it can happen at any time as long as it's before 3.):
    - select all items in My Library (ctrl+a/cmd+a), then, under Tools --> Manage Attachments select the "Convert linked files to stored files" option.

    Once that's complete, you'll see the icon for your attachment has changed and does no longer have the chainlink icon. Then do 3 and 4.
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