style request: social studies of science

I need a style for "social studies of science". It is very similar to "Modern Humanities Research Association (Note without Bibliography)"

But: It is an style that is cited in text with: (Smith, 1947: 456).

the styleguide can be found here:

examples given are (note: journal titles and book titles are italic, even though this is not shown):
Browne, Janet (1998) 'I Could Have Retched All Night: Charles Darwin and his Body', in C. Lawrence & S. Shapin (eds), Science Incarnate: Historical Embodiments of Natural Knowledge (Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press): 240-87.

Collins, H.M. (1999) 'Tantalus and the Aliens: Publications, Audiences, and the Search for Gravitational Waves', Social Studies of Science 29(2): 163-97.

Lawrence, Christopher & Steven Shapin (eds) (1998) Science Incarnate: Historical Embodiments of Natural Knowledge (Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press).

Mullis, Kary (1998) Dancing Naked in the Mind Field (New York: Pantheon Books).

Prigogine, Ilya & Isabelle Stengers (1984) Order out of Chaos: Man's New Dialogue with Nature (New York: Bantam Books).

Note: References to weekly academic journals should give both volume number and the full date, thus: Science 298 (4 October 2002): 1052-57.
    Note point 2) listing the differences between existing and requested style is the single most important part of a style request. If done thoroughly, it cuts my work from far more than 1h to usually less than 20mins
  • sorry,Differences:
    a) no comma between author and date
    b) in journal articles; comma after single quote mark, before journal title
    c) no "pp." before page range in journal, magazine or article in edited book etc.
    and: colon instead of comma before page range
    d) citation in text: (Smith, 1947: 456) rather than footnote. Full bibliography at end of text
    e) author names: "Smith, John" i.e. last name, first name rather than "John Smith".
    (but editor names are "John smith" and thus like the given style).
    f) period after each entry in bibliography

    thank you so much
  • First cut:
    download using the Raw link on the top right.
    I don't think that is done yet -
    please check things like:
    - How should the URL look
    - What is the 'no date' convention
    - are the right document types in quotes/italics?
    - is the label for editors correct?

    and anything else you may notice.
  • wow, thanks. that was quick. Some minor corrections:

    -the date field should appear only once, after the author. Now it appears often twice, for example in books it appears a second time after the publisher, in journal articles after the issue
    -no period after book title in books (no character at all, just blank space ).
    -book chapter order of fields is: chapter title in editors (ed) book title. Rather than: chapter title in book title editors (ed.).
    -The label for editors is in brackets and if plural editors without period (what a strange convention): (ed.) / (eds)
    example: Wirth, Louis (1925) ‘A Bibliography of the Urban Community’, in Robert E. Park & Ernest W. Burgess (eds), The City (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press): 161–228.
    -journal articles do not contain issue nr., just volume nr.
    example: Rees, Amanda (2001) ‘Practising Infanticide, Observing Narrative: Controversial Texts in a Field Science’, Social Studies of Science 31: 507–31.
    -no date convention: (n.d.)
    -in a Dissertation-type, the title should be in italics. (I think all titles of book like items (webpages, thesis, reports) that do not appear in a series should be in italics and all titles of series should be in italics, if the type is something that appears in aseries (journal, magazine, newspaper article, report in a series etc.)

    I do not understand what you mean by: "how should the url look?
  • How does the URL look -
    Should it say "accessed" before, or retrieved, or nothing, should it be in < >, should the be an accessed date, if so in what format?

    Thanks for the rest that's excellent, I'll do it over the weekend.
  • ah, sorry, it goes:
    , available at (accessed 11 December 2008).

    here is an example:

    Cordeschi, Roberto & Teresa Numerico (2003) ‘ARTORGA: The Artificial Organisms
    Research Group and Ashby’s Legacy’, Pisa, Italy, available at
    (accessed 11 December 2008).
  • OK, try again - should be mostly good now.
    I've left the journal volume in: It's included in a number of citations (see above) - might have to do with continuous pagination, but Zotero can't deal with that unfortunately.
  • Thanks!
    that's almost perfect, one minor thing:
    -newspaper articles lack now day/month in citation.

    otherwise everything seems to be correct.
    Thank you so much!
  • OK - should be done. I hope I interpreted this right, it's now
    Author 'Title', New York Times (date month year).
    The style is committed to the repository and should be up soon,
    until then it's at
  • There are some very minor problems with the style, sorry to bother you again:
    - if I omit the author in the in-text citation it gives as output: Miller (, 2008) instead of Miller (2008): The comma and the blank space after it have to go.
    - Weirdly, if I quote an edited book instead of the authors, the title appears in the in-text citation. Thus instead of (Miller and Smith 2008) I get (Boredom in the Academy, 2008).
    This only happens with edited books, no other item type. Correction: It happens with one book, that has two editors and another with one editor. Another book with four editors is correctly cited.
  • fixed on the repository - should be up soon, but you'll have to update manually.
  • wow, thank you so much.
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