API: Max Items that can be retrieved

From https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/web_api/v3/basics#read_requests

I found out that the max limit of items a client can fetch is 100.

> [...] The actual number of results provided in a given response will be no more than 100.

I have a library with more than 100, that I would like to read with a client and perform locally some diagnostics on it.

Is there any way to fetch all items at once, circumventing the 100-limit?
  • No. This is standard practice for APIs because single requests that large are inefficient both in terms of server load and in terms of processing. The standard practice (also covered in the API documentation) is to sequentially go through and download items. API libraries like pyzotero will do this for you.
  • Thanks. I found a way with pyzotero to deal with this, by sequentially load the data (chunck-wise).

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