beta builds -- how frequent?

This is mainly curiosity, but I thought the betas were built automatically from github. I'm still on a7cf689df with no updates found, so that's apparently not the case -- do you just semi-regularly build manually or how does this work? (I'm usually not that impatient, but as you can imagine, I'm quite eager to look at some of the features from the last ~48hs).
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    do you just semi-regularly build manually
    This, basically. Every commit generates a ZIP file with all the cross-platform code, but we choose which ones to push out on which channel and for which platforms.

    Automatic builds would result in breakage (for non-English locales before new strings are merged, for changes that require cross-repo or server-side changes, etc.) and also just cause incessant update notifications.

    Latest build is going out now.
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