Beta 6.0: No shortcut key could be applied in Language of Advanced setting

Hi all,

I would like to use some key, for example Arrowdown, Arrowup, Pagedown, Pageup, to select the language in Advanced- General, however, no key could be used. After I move the focus to Language using Tab key, when left, right, up, down, pagedown or pageup key is pressed, zotero will prompt me to restart.

Is it a bug?

  • Yes, that's a bug — it works on macOS but on Windows it prompts on every arrow key press even if you use Alt-Down to open the menu first.

    This will be fixed in the next beta. Thanks.
  • Fixed, thanks.

    However, when the language is English, the downarrow key must be pressed 33 times to switch to Chinese (中文简体), can the PageDown and PageUp key be supported in this status? These keys are supported after the mouse key was pressed.
  • And is there a shortcut to move the focus to language directory instead use Tab 5 times after the Advanced tab opens?
  • See above — you can press Alt-Down to open the menu first, and then use Page-Down. But I'm not sure why you'd be changing this frequently. This is really intended as a one-time setting, not something that you'd be changing all the time.
  • Thanks. when test my plugin I have to change the language frequently.
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