How to convert selected stored files to linked files?

edited March 3, 2022
I want to convert about 100 large stored pdfs(>= 10mb) to linked files,while other files remain the same.

I don't plan to use zotfile, because I rely on zotfile to automatically rename new files when they are added. If I use zotfile, it will move the new file as well. Is there a convenient way to do this?
  • ZotFile is the easiest way to do this and I don't quite understand why you wouldn't want to use it here?
  • edited March 6, 2022

    zotfile's move and rename functions are bundled, and I use the rename function quite frequently.

    When I use zotfile to move a large file, I need to set the custom location, then move the large file, and finally restore the zotfile settings so that it doesn't affect my renaming of other files.

    Since zotero already offers to convert linked files to stored files, can you provide a reverse operation?

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