allow "editor" for "web page"

Currently (2.0b74) one can only attribute a "web page" to authors, contributors and translators. I would like the option of attributing editors as well, especially when citing the root of a major web resource. Example: :

Haspelmath, Martin & Dryer, Matthew S. & Gil, David & Comrie, Bernard (eds.) The World Atlas of Language Structures Online. Munich: Max Planck Digital Library ,

Sorry if this has already been raised/discussed, but I couldn't find it in a search of the forums.

  • for that matter, it would be good to have publisher and place as well, and even ISBN. For ISBN use case, consider:
  • But do you really want to think about something like that as a web page?
    I've been thinking about how to cite the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy which is all online - and in the end, I'm just citing articles from it as an encyc, with a url.

    So don't you want to think about citing this as a book? A book that happens to be an online ebook, sure but still a book?

  • I am in fact inclined to cite them as books if this is seen as zotero best practice for online resources.
  • If it's a book, then cite it as a book.
  • That's part of my point. Does Zotero re-define "book" as "something with bibliographic attributes similar to a print 'book' in the modern, western scholarly tradition, even if born digital and published solely as a web resource"?
  • edited October 21, 2009
    I have raised this before, curiously enough also based on WALS online. I don't see any harm in allowing 'editors' for web pages, especially since 'contributor' and 'translator' are already available.
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