Query "related" items (& content)

I'm looking for a way to search (either via advanced search, or something in the pane interface) by 'related' items.

The scenario is a sort of rapid review:
We have a body of items (journal articles +).
We have some key questions and themes for the library.

I was intending to write notes for each item, with separate item-notes for each key issue. I'd then use 'related to' to link these notes to one of our "Question" or "Theme" notes.

All that works fine...but now I've realised in the advanced search you can't query by "related to", and although reports show the related items, they don't give me the content of the notes (or, the parent item details).

Two functions I think would let me do this:
(1) Query by 'related to'
(2) Reports including note content in the report (the custom report creator https://github.com/retorquere/zotero-report-customizer - I can't see how to use it, and based on the web version it seems to be about removing not adding fields).

Am I missing any ways to do this?

Thanks for any advice
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