Different styles for Body text and Bibliography?

A couple of places I submit to have started wanting footnotes using Chicago short note, and then bibliography in a different form (SBL2 or MLA). Is it possible to have two different stylesheets for the document?

While I know this could be done with a single stylesheet, but that would mean generating a few different combo sheets for the various combinations. (which I suspect I will end up doing after getting a 'no' answer here.
  • Yeah, that's indeed a no. Since bibliography and citations are also not entirely independent (e.g. modes of disambiguation have to align) I think new styles are the way to go anyway.
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    Untested, but I think this should work: https://gist.github.com/retorquere/0553c9e7ba4a7ce0df5e1e521e368fbf, no?

    If you call it with

    merge apa.csl chicago-note-bibliography.csl combined-style.csl

    it will take the inline layout from apa.csl, the bibliography layout from chicago-note-bibliography.csl , and write the result to combined-style.csl.

    Mind that it will blindly overwrite the 3rd argument.

    edit: oh wait, disambiguation. Yeah, no. sorry.
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