zotero connector rendering google drive unusable

edited March 1, 2022
i am new to zotero and love the connector. however, ever since I installed it on Chrome, google docs simply will not work - everytime i open a document i just get a message that says error, unable to load file. i have already disabled the Google Docs integration in the connectors options, and also looked at the advanced configuration which says FALSE next to the google.docs.enabled. also disabled on juris-m, though juris-m has a numeric value for codeRepositoryURL, while zotero doesn't. i reset both the coderepositoryURL values to default and they both stayed the same - juris-m's still has a value, zotero's does not.

any ideas? love zotero, but need google docs. would love to try to keep both if possible.
  • If you disable the Zotero Connector, does the problem go away?

    If so:
    error, unable to load file
    Can you take a screenshot of this, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here?
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